”It is not only our mission to make women look and feel more beautiful, but we’re also committed to operate a social, responsible and environmental friendly business. We focus on this every day.”

Mission Statement:

We are aware that the current production method, of the so called ‘Fast Fashion’ retailers is not the most environmental friendly way to produce for the environment and mankind. We, at ML Collections, aim for ‘Slow Fashion’: we offer timeless, high quality designs which have proven to last for a very long time.


Sustainable materials:

98% of our fabrics are being produced in Italy. Our fabric suppliers are reputable fabric houses (mainly family businesses) who are proud to deliver high quality goods and are social responsible, with which we have a long term relationship build. Naturally are these fabric suppliers following the European rules, regarding harmful substances and do they follow the European regulations for working conditions and environment.


All our designs are being produced under the highest care and quality standards in Europe. For over 10 years we work together with our very appreciated atelier with whom we build a personal and business relationship. Because of this long term relationship, we are able to deliver products with a stable, high quality standard. Our atelier is run by highly professional women, who love to work on the styles for ML Collections. Naturally they follow all European regulations.

Because our Atelier and all our suppliers are located in Europe, we have a highly effective and short transportation line. Because of this short line, we are able to save a lot on CO2 emissions and have less damaging influence on the environment.

‘ML Collections is focussing on making better choices every day, in each step of the process, to make a change for now and the future for a better environment and smaller footprint.’