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celebrate and win in style

Mail-web voorz ML Flyer A5-25J give a ways 2-11-15) Mail-web achterz ML Flyer A5-25J give a ways 2-11-15)

ML Collections is celebrating 25 years of style! And to celebrate this we have just announced a great event. Send us a photo of yourself wearing your oldest ML Blazer. Whoever has the oldest ML blazer will win a VIP treatment and a new ML Blazer. Winners announced end of december on this website and on our Facebook page We look forward to receiving your photos!

Now in stores- As seen in Dutch Financial Times

Shot3_210Shot4_294Unknown-3As of coming Saturday 3rd of October, all our ML shops will stock the new Festive ML Blazers. Striking Metallic & Copper colors, high end fabrics and amazing flattering Fitted pieces.
See you in the Store!

Making of winter 2015

We shot our new Winter Collection this month. Same creative team, different model & different location:@our new MLStudio in Naarden Vesting!
Bold prints, graphic lines, soft finishings & ultra comfortable winter collection. We stock most of all these accessories , shoes & jeans in our shops as well. We hope to see you soon in one of our stores. Dia4

shoot Dia3 Dia2

Bioneuma range in stores now

ML stores now also stock BIONEUMA. We sell a wide range from luxury sweatpants, various comfortable tops and a range of dresses.  The Bioneuma collection is completely made by organic cotton. The organic cotton fibre used comes from plants raised with a low environmental impact, without using any kind of pesticide, without overworking and impoverishing the soil and without using genetically modified seeds, but stricly following the principle of organic farming.

You can view some items in our Lookbook or visit their website for more info

ML – The Hague- open on Mondays

As of the 4th of May 2015, our ML store in The Hague (Denneweg 1) will also be open on Mondays. Opening hours: 13hrs – 18hrs. We hope to see you in our store!


Kobja – Netherlands

Since January 2015 ML Collections holds the exclusive sales rights of the exclusive Kobja range in the Netherlands.kobja_zip2-47872_960x447kobja_sautoirgris

KOBJA is a unique collection of fashion accessories for men and women, created and developed by Monika Jarosz. Monika only works with complete toad skins, which are tanned and transformed by taxidermists, using a unique process. More than 14 stages are involved in tanning and transforming these amphibian skins into high quality leather. All the leather colours are produced at the tawery in Millau, while the assembly and fine stitching work is performed.

Photoshoot Summer 2015

We photographed our beautiful new Summer Campaign in a Studio in central Amsterdam last December. Photographer Maarten Schets ( chose soft and clean colors in the background but added very graphic pieces of wrought iron and other materials in front of the camera. He was inspired to frame his photos in this way so he could enhance & emphasize the graphic lines used in our new summer collection. Soft and clean colours with plenty of bold prints.